14467 Potsdam, Germany

What do we do

Geo Smartphone Solutions

  • We provide GNSS Assisted Smartphone Precise Positioning in different phase:
  1. Solution for Android smartphones before 2017 (Android ver. 4-6) providing time, location and velocity (PVT) in NMEA** format,
  2. Solution for Android smartphones after 2017 (Android ver. 7,8) providing raw GNSS measurements in single-frequency,
  3. Solution for Newer Android smartphones after 2018 (Android ver. 9, 9+) providing double- frequency GNSS raw measurements.
  • We solve Location-Based Service problems of smartphone devices:
    • Low accuracy
    • Loss of lock
    • Delayed initialization
Problems with smartphone positioning: (a) low accuracy, (b) loss of lock, and (c) delayed initialization

** NMEA: National Marine Electronics Association